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Construction Services in Corona, CA

Construction Services, Corona, CA

Concrete is widely used in all types of indoor and outdoor construction projects. A hardy and versatile material, concrete adds resilience and longevity to the structures that use it. At Excel Concrete Services, we offer a wide range of concrete work solutions. Here are a few of them:

Demolition & Concrete Cutting

Our company provides reliable, safe, and sophisticated concrete cutting, demolition, and removal services in Corona, CA, including slab sawing to concrete demolition. We use the most powerful and advanced equipment and the latest techniques to deliver high-quality, clean, and safe services. Our mission is to provide solutions that meet clients' needs and are in line with industry standards.

Our team can tear down all types of concrete structures and buildings. They use techniques specific to the structure's location, and condition and some standard demolition techniques include manual, mechanical, and collapse. It is best to leave the concrete cutting to experts that have experience handling this complicated job. We have the experience, expertise, and equipment needed to provide reliable and efficient concrete cutting services for various structures.

Our team commonly uses Slab Sawing of Pavements, Floors, and Decks in projects we handle. Wall sawing is another incredibly versatile technique used in altering and removing concrete. We use heavy-duty equipment and tools to cut and remove wall penetrations, mechanical penetrations, windows, and doors. Wall saw use makes working on challenging spots and structures such as bridge spaces and vertical walls convenient and more manageable. Our company uses these and many other heavy-duty tools in this specialized job.

Excavation & Compaction

Earth excavation, compaction, and grading are basic requirements in many construction projects. The job’s scope can vary from standard tasks like digging footings for smaller buildings to excavating and moving larger volumes of earth. Successful excavation jobs involve careful planning. We handle projects that include excavation and compaction in a range of projects for residential and commercial clients.

Our company provides a wide range of excavation services such as footings and foundations, demolitions, underground trenching for utilities, and various types of site work. The compaction services cover aspects such as the removal or compression of soil and waste to preserve space. The team will recommend compaction wherever clients tell us they need to conserve space. Our specialized services involve using compactors that condense materials, reducing their size and the space they occupy.


If your building needs some interior renovation or exterior site work, commercial expansion, or ADA upgrades, we are the company to call. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to make various essential upgrades to ensure easy accessibility to individuals with disabilities.

Since these rules and regulations are constantly changing, we ensure that the services we provide are in line with the latest guidelines and requirements. Our experts know the ADA codes, and they deliver the best services and recommendations.

When your building is ADA compliant, you can provide your visitors and customers an optimal experience. We help with ADA upgrades such as replacing flooring, installing adjusting railings, installing doorframe construction, installing water fountains, building/expanding parking lots and upgrading bathrooms.

Local Concreting Contractors

In simple words, we provide comprehensive concreting solutions to residential and clients, making sure that every installation is in line with industry standards. We source all our materials and products from reputable local suppliers, so you have superb concrete features on your property.

For more information about our high-grade concreting services in Corona, CA, please call Excel Concrete Services at (866) 739-2357 or Contact Us through this online form. One of our experts will call you shortly to discuss your project and service requirements.

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