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Concrete Services, Riverside, CA

Excel Concrete Services is your one-stop solutions provider for all your concrete work, masonry work, demolition, and related service requirements. We serve commercial, industrial, and residential clients throughout Riverside, CA. Explore the range of services we offer to our clients throughout the region.

Concrete Work

From brand new construction to repairs, we handle all types of residential, commercial, and industrial projects. No concrete work project is too big or too complex for us. Our experienced and qualified crew strives to provide high-quality, customized solutions for each client. Some of the projects that we commonly complete for our clients include decorative concrete works, concrete foundations, concrete patios and slabs, driveways, pool decks, retaining walls, walkways, and concrete stairs, among others. Our concrete work teams specialize in creating functional and beautiful parking additions and different types of concrete sections. All our concrete work craftsmen are licensed, trained, and insured professionals with decades of combined experience. Read more about Concrete Work >>

Structural Concrete

We have years of experience in completing the most complex structural concrete projects including building foundations, structural slabs, and shallow spread footings. We use only top-quality materials and deliver the best services for all our projects. Our experienced designers, craftsmen, and masons have helped us earn the trust of our clients over the years. We have the experience and expertise in handling all the complexities of all types of structural concrete projects. From prestressed concrete to specialty precast systems, we work on all types of new construction, replacement, and repair projects. The use of innovative products, the latest design techniques, and advanced craftsmanship helps us overcome all types of project challenges. Read more about Structural Concrete >>


Our professionally built curbing and gutters can help in more ways than protecting your roadbed by preventing erosion. We have years of experience in creating features to direct water to storm drains or retention areas. Our crew takes care of each step of the process including expertise site assessment, grading, and installation of customized features. Addressing both functionality and aesthetic requirements, we can create features for both residential and commercial properties. We build durable curbs, curbs and gutters, integral curbs, and concrete center curbs to your specifications and unique requirements. From residential neighborhood streets to downtown streetscape, we can build these features to address the needs of any scale and size. Read more about Curb/Gutter >>

Demolition & Concrete Cutting

Concrete demolition, cutting, and removal are important services for many types of construction or modification jobs. As concrete specialists, we use advanced equipment to provide safe, top-quality, and clean services. From scanning to cutting to total tear down to selective demolition, we specialize in all types of demolition and concrete cutting jobs. No project is too big or too small for us and we bring in-depth attention to detail to all our projects. From concrete structures to concrete buildings, we have the experience, skills, and tools required to tear down all types of concrete features. We use manual, mechanical, and induced collapse techniques based on the type of project. Read more about Demolition & Concrete Cutting >>

Excavation & Compaction

When your project requires grading, excavation, and compaction services, you can trust us to deliver high-quality and reliable services. From digging footings to moving large volumes of earth, we have the resources, experience, and expertise for all types of projects. We have the expertise in handling all aspects of the project, ranging from careful planning to designing to execution. Our crew specializes in all types of projects involving footings, foundations, demolitions, underground trenching for utilities, and other site work. Our experts can assess factors affecting the foundation including poor drainage, water/sewer leaks, and various signs of foundation damage. We have the resources, capabilities, and experience in providing turnkey site work solutions. Read more about Excavation & Compaction >>


Commercial expansions, new construction, renovations, and site works will require ensuring ADA compliance to meet the current regulations. We handle all types and scales of ADA upgrades to your property. Whether you need replacing flooring, installing adjustable railings or water fountains, or upgrading bathrooms, or expanding parking lots, we have the expertise and experience in ensuring that the features are added in compliance with the latest regulations. Our experience in different industries and sectors provides us the edge in terms of specialized industry know-how. Our certified crew stays up-to-date with the latest in ADA compliance regulations to provide you peace of mind for your project. Read more about ADA/Upgrades >>

Masonry Work

As a masonry work contractor, we specialize in the installation of different types of materials involving concrete, stone, and brick projects. Whether you desire enhanced curb appeal or an elegant focal point, we have the capabilities and experience in creating features to your unique specifications. Our masonry work solutions span various areas and features including hardscapes, retaining walls, patios and patios extensions, walkways, driveways, columns, mailboxes, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and more. Our services cover brick work, block work, cast stone, architectural precast, renovations, rock, and stonework, and more. Addressing both aesthetics and functionality, we consider all the factors when creating our unique masonry work plans. Read more about Masonry Work >>

Interlocking Pavers

We have the skills and experience required to transform your ideas into a patio that reminisces old-world charm or a walkway that stands out for its contemporary sparkle. Our capability to work with different types of interlocking pavers, allows us to achieve our client’s unique requirements in aesthetics and functionality. We can design and lay stunning driveways, walkways, patios, and other features to your specifications. Choose tones, styles, and shapes that represent your personality and preferences. Strength, durability, and eco-friendliness are also important cornerstones of our solutions. If you seek elegant and long-lasting paved features, we have the right solutions for you. Read more about Interlocking Pavers >>

Industrial Concrete Work

We are your one-stop destination for all your industrial concrete work requirements. Whether it is foundation work or any other concrete feature, we can work on all types of projects. Our experienced crew has completed hundreds of industrial projects involving foundations, building floors, slabs on grade, exterior site work, and more. The types of solutions we provide including structural concrete placement and concrete formwork. Our craftsmanship, integrity, and principles help us deliver results that stand the test of time and enhance your property’s value. We stand out from the crowd for providing value engineering, pre-construction reviews, and dedicated project management solutions. Read more about Industrial Concrete Work >>

Commercial Concrete Work

Creating flawless parking lots that enhance your property’s value and curb appeal is just one component of our commercial concrete work solutions. Whether you need to add new features or fix the existing ones, we have the expertise and experience in meeting your unique demands. Structural concrete work, driveways, curbs, gutters, and parking lots are just a few of the projects that we are regularly completing for our clients in the region. The natural stain-resistant properties, durability, and high strength of concrete make it the perfect material for areas that have high foot or vehicle traffic. Our experts allow you to get the best out of these features and benefits of the material. Read more about Commercial Concrete Work >>

New Construction

We specialize in all types of new construction projects involving concrete work. Whether you need foundations, driveways, retaining walls, patios, parking lots, or any other concrete feature, we have the talent, experience, and resources to complete your project. We specialize in creating functional, elegant, and flawless features and structures using high-quality materials, the right techniques, and advanced equipment. All key factors will be considered by our qualified experts before creating the plans. For example, underground utilities, drainage, site development, clearing, mix, aggregate base, and other factors will be considered before we begin working on a structural feature. Read more about New Construction >>

Tenant Improvements

We understand the importance of tenant improvements in business and industrial property management. Our services help you meet the unique demands of your tenants and close more leasing deals. With years of industry presence, we have the experience and in-depth know-how of what it takes to deliver on the unique improvement requirements of tenants. From new construction to modifications to repairs, and maintenance, our experts can take care of everything. When you choose our services, you can always expect quality workmanship that exceeds your expectations. Whether you have condominiums, apartments, medical offices, retail stores, or other businesses, we have the expertise in addressing your unique improvement needs. Read more about Tenant Improvements >>

Property Management

Your property management business requires specialized construction, remodeling, and repair services. We specialize in minimizing or eliminating your property’s safety hazards and improving its curb appeal. And we provide our services without causing any inconvenience to your guests and tenants. Using the latest in construction and repair technologies, we provide customized solutions for your surfaces and features. All our services are provided keeping in mind your unique budget requirements. From taking care of deteriorating concrete curbs to sidewalk cracks and spalls to deteriorating staircases, we can fix everything to make your property a safer and more appealing place for your clients. Read more about Property Management >>


Our concrete work solutions help keep your school a safe and secure place for academics. From new construction to remodeling to repairs, we have the experience and expertise in taking care of all aspects of your educational institute’s structural requirements. We can work on all types of timelines to deliver superior quality services, creating the perfect space for your visitors and students. From architectural concrete to cast-in-place frames, we can help with different types of concrete solutions. Our experience and capabilities allow us to provide our services without causing inconvenience to you or your students. Read more about Schools >>

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